st teresa


Saint Teresa was born in Spain on March 28th 1515 in Gotarrendura Spain. St Teresa is known as St Teresa of Jesus, she died on October 4th 1582 in Alba de tormes Spain, her age was 67 when she passed away. Her mother was Beatriz and her father was Alonso, she had 8 siblings, 6 brothers and 2 sisters. Her feast day is on 15th October, she got canonized on the 12th of March 1622 by Pope Gregory XV, she got beatified on the 24th of April 1614 in Rome by Pope Paul V. How she became a sain? Teresa struggled daily and her dedication and perseverance led her to become a Saint but not only that a doctor of the church. Teresa was the third child out of 9 and she was 12 when her mother died. After her mum died she went to a nun school in Avila with her uncle and she got very ill and had a seizure, she was paralyser for 3 years later and wasn’t completely well for a long time after. Teresa did not have any children of her own. I chose Saint Teresa because she was dedicated to everything she did and I try my best and put a lot of hard work into everything I do so I think we are alike in that. She died from an illness on one of her journeys from Burgos to Alba de tormes on October 4th 1582, legends have been said about St Teresa’s death that her cell back in Avila where she lived was filled with a pleasant fragrance and that smell came the same night Teresa died and when she got put in her coffin it had the same smell. This type of miracle is known as “ador of sanctity.” Another legend is that a hand of Teresa dead body could perform miracles. Teresa got named “Docter of the church” in 1970 by Pope Paul VI and Teresa was the first ever women to get named as doctor of the church.

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